"Warning Signs"
of a Non-Reputable Manager
or Modeling Promoter

  1. Charges an advance fee or "registration" fee.

  2. Places non-specific ads in "help Wanted" columns in daily and Sunday newspapers, usually stating "M/F, No experience necessary."

  3. Uses a name which sounds similar, but is not identical to a well known studio or manager, causing you to think that the two might be related.

  4. Displays pictures of famous models or celebrities on the wall who are actually not represented by that manager. Ask whether he or she actually represents and gets jobs for the models in these photos.

  5. Schedules appointments for after-work hours, sometimes in the principal's home, or a place other than a regular business office.

  6. Pressures you to leave a deposit (usually in cash) or pressures you to sign a contract immediately.

  7. Avoids answering questions concerning specific types of assignments for which you will be used.

Re-printed with permission from
Models Mart, New York, NY

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